Breast Cancer

It’s not just an old ladies’ disease

When young women get breast cancer it often spreads more aggressively, leading to tougher treatments and lower survival rates.
Add such age-specific issues as fertility, diagnosis during pregnancy, childcare, financial security… and breast cancer becomes a triple threat to young women.

Rethink Breast Cancer is here to create community and offer age-appropriate support and resources to younger women with breast cancer. We are here to mobilize our community of young women to call for changes to improve the lives of all breast cancer patients and survivors.


There may not be any one proven way to prevent breast cancer (yet), but there are at least 9 ways to reduce your risk.

Breast Awareness

Most cases of breast cancer are found by women noticing unusual changes in their breasts. Isn’t it time you take your breasts into your own hands?

Diagnosis & Treatment

You find a lump, you see your doctor, you get diagnosed, you get treatment and you recover. If only it were that simple.

Resources & Stats

Find the most current stats and facts on all things breast cancer, plus links to our friends and community.

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