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2014 Festival video podcasts

Along with outstanding films and The SCAR Project photography exhibition, Breast Fest 2014 features dynamic panel discussions on topics ranging from the silence around breast cancer in some communities to how images such as The SCAR Project challenge current definitions of beauty.

Watch the video podcasts of panel discussions and questions and answer sessions from Breast Fest 2014 below!

Breast Fest Opening Night

Breast Fest 2014 opens with the launch of The SCAR Project photography exhibition

The Silence Of Breast Cancer

For many women in ethnic communities across Canada, there is a culture of silence surrounding breast cancer awareness, diagnosis and treatment. A panel of experts discuss innovative measures and dynamic programs taking shape across the country to engage various communities in dialogue and awareness about breast cancer

Question and Answer with Matt Creed, director of Amy

Following the screening of AMY, director Matt Creed discusses the making of the film

The Power of Stories in Cancer Care

Following the screening of Valleys, producer Mike Lang talks about his journey from cancer patient to film producer/speaker, and the importance of connecting health care professionals with the lived experience of their patient. He is joined by Amy, a cancer survivor and Annie, her best friend for a candid conversation about their experiences during filming of Valleys and the impact that sharing their story in such a public way has had on the relationships in their lives.

To Mammogram or Not to Mammorgam

Canadian women are consistently told that screening mammograms save lives. However, we are starting to hearing more in the news about limitations of screening programs and risks of over-diagnosis. In addition, new guidelines advise women under 50 should not get screening mammograms. So what should women 20-49 do? This panel discusses the most recent scientific evidence about screening mammography for women 20-49, to help women be informed when speaking to their doctor about whether a screening mammogram is right for them.

Baring It All Question And Answer

Following the screening of BARING IT ALL, two of subjects of the film, David Jay, photographer of The SCAR Project and Sylvia Soo, who was photographed for the project discuss their experiences taking part in the film.

The Realities of Reconstruction: A Complex Choice

This panel discussion explores the ins and outs of breast reconstruction, body image and breast cancer led by Dr. Toni Zhong, plastic reconstructive surgeon for the UHN Breast Reconstruction Program.

Are we beautiful?

Images such as The SCAR Project challenge societal definitions of beauty. What is the impact of these images? Can these very real bodies change the public discourse around beauty.  This this unique talk examines the intersection of the female body in history, the arts, and mainstream media.

The SCAR Project

Browse through photos from the opening night of The SCAR Project

Breast Cancer - The Musical

Watch Breast Cancer -The Musical on the Boobtube!

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