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The fourth annual Breast Fest Film Festival took place November 18-20, 2011 at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, Canada.

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Making Waves: How Young Adults with Cancer are Taking Action
Saturday November 19th
Moderator: Tasha Westerman. Panelists: Scott Adams, Catherine Birch and Peter Laneas 

Between the Mainstream and the Medicine Wheel: Aboriginal Women and Breast Cancer
Sunday November 20th
Panelists: Christine Ahenakew, Sandra Ahenakew and Lee Styres-Loft 


Comedy and Cancer: How humour is used to discuss serious illness
Sunday November 20th
Moderator: Richard Crouse. Panelists: Tania Katan, Allison Lane and Michael McGowan 


About Her
Sunday November 20th
Moderator: Alison Gordon. Panelists: Phyllis Ellis, Suzanne Brocklehurst, Inez Kim, Allison Lane, Hayley Mezei, Karyn Stowe, Tasha Westerman ands Shawna Whiteside 

Breast Fest Resources:

Sharing Your Story

Jennifer Baichwal, Documentary filmmaker; Manufactured Landscapes, Act of God 

Ruth Rakoff, Author of “When My World Was Very Small” 

Sara Angelucci, Visual Artist 

Environmental Updates

Breast Cancer & Environmental Risk Factors (BCERF) at Cornell University is devoted to lowering the risk and incidence of cancer by promoting methods of sound decision-making at personal and public levels. BCERF works within the emerging field of translational research and provides information on the cancer risks associated with environmental factors. 

Environmental Risks & Breast Cancer is a multimedia website. This project represents the collaborative efforts of faculty, students and technical professionals at Vassar College, all working together on a product aimed to inform women and men about the often ignored information about relationships between environmental factors and breast cancer. 

Living Downstream Learn more about Dr. Sandra Steingraber’s film and the original book. Order online and meet the people behind the movie. 

Tips to Reduce Your Risk View tip cards offered by Breast Cancer Action Fund to find out what you can do to reduce your risk for breast cancer (and other diseases). 

Talking to Children and Youth about Breast Cancer

Children’s Mental Health Ontario offers family, individual and group counseling for children and youth (up to age 24 years).  Any youth or family with children/youth that is experiencing problems coping with any issue can self refer and be seen usually by a social worker.  These are government funded services and therefore do not cost youth or families to attend. 

Supporting grieving kids and teenagers on Mother’s Day (PDF) is an information sheet to help you support children and teens after a parent has died, particularly during special days like Mother’s day, birthdays, and holidays that can be especially difficult. 

Talking with young people about illness and death (PDF) is an information sheet to help you support children and teenagers when a loved one is dying or has died. 

Teen Support Groups at Gilda’s Club Toronto offers dynamic support programs for children and youth with family members experiencing cancer. 

Women of Colour and Breast Cancer

Cancer Does Not Discriminate – Seeking better support for marginalized and underrepresented women is an information sheet produced by the Ontario Breast Cancer Community Research Initiative outlining priorities to better support women of colour experiencing breast cancer. 


Examining breast cancer information from racially marginalized perspectives: a community-based analysis (2006) is a project report by Jennifer Nelson, Ph. D. for the Ontario Breast Cancer Community Research Initiative. The researcher interviewed immigrant and refugee women to gather their opinions of breast cancer information.   

Living with a White Disease: Women of Colour & Their Engagement with Breast Cancer Information (2008) is report of a study conducted by Jennifer Nelson and Teresa Macias of the University of Toronto, funded by the Canadian Breast Cancer Research Alliance, regarding the lack of representation of women of colour in breast cancer information materials. 

The Olive Branch of Hope Breast Cancer Support Services (Toronto) provides social, emotional and spiritual support for all women diagnosed with breast cancer, with a focus on women of colour and other immigrant women. 

Women of Colour Living with Breast Cancer (PDF) is a report of a study conducted by The Olive Branch of Hope, conveying the experiences of women of colour with breast cancer. 

The 2009 Festival

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Breast Cancer - The Musical

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