Bust a move for breast cancer.

We don’t need to school you on the benefits of being active and staying fit, but if exercise can help reduce your risk of breast cancer why not do it to help reduce the risk of breast cancer for everyone? That’s the spirit of Fitraising for Rethink.

So go ahead, Rethink Your Run, Your Boot Camp, Your Mountain Climb, Your Stroller-Fit Race, Your Pogo Stick Challenge

Make it up! Work it!

Creating your own Fitraising campaign is about whatever turns you on and gets you moving.

Use our easy online fundraising tool Raise Funds 4 Rethink to keep things simple or contact us for help, ideas or whatever else you need to get your Fitraising campaign started.

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We've got you covered

Download our buttons, banners and backgrounds and post them on your social media spaces to promote your fundraising initiative!

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