Get to it girls (and boys)!

It can be as simple as getting sponsors for a personal challenge like a spin-a-thon, detox or household chemical cleanse…

It can be as social as gathering the girls for a gold party or spa night at home…

It can earn you points at work – think sales competition, Oscar pool, wear your Fashion Targets Breast Cancer T-shirt day…

It can inspire parents and teach children the value of giving – think pink bake sale at school, put forward Rethink as your spring fair’s charity of choice, hold a pink popsicle sale to kick off Breast Cancer Awareness Month…

It can be as effort-free as making an online donation for someone you want to show your appreciation to – think teachers, colleagues or the woman who does your Brazilian.

Need help getting started?

Be sure to use our easy online fundraising tool Raise Funds 4 Rethink to set your goals, send your message and track your fundraising.
For more ideas and direction, download our Fundraising Tool kit.
Lindsay Grange, Senior Manager Events
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Get inspired

Check out how one woman’s Hair-Raising adventure raised over $3,000 for Rethink.

Planning your event

For ideas and direction, download our Fundraising Tool kit!

Rethink Your Run

Create your own Fitraising campaign to raise money for Rethink Breast Cancer!

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