Do you know your breasts like the back of your hand?

If your answer is yes, we commend you on your breast awareness.  If your answer is no, it’s time to get educated.

The earlier breast cancer is diagnosed, the better your chances of beating it.

This is why motivating you to know your breasts like the back of your hand – to give them some regular T.L.C. – is such an important part of our breast health awareness and education work.

The more familiar you are with how your breasts look and feel, the easier it is for you to notice any unusual changes and have them checked out by your doctor. This kind of pro-activity is your key to early diagnosis.

Your education is about becoming the best (and breast) ambassador to your own health.

The full scope of our breast health awareness and education movement aims to empower young women with all the knowledge they need to reduce their risks and play an active role in their breast cancer journey – from prevention and early detection through recovery and follow-up.

And, like all things Rethink Breast Cancer, our awareness and education programs are as entertaining as they are enlightening, as inspiring as they are informative.

Fashion Targets

Join our movement and remind women to target their breasts by wearing your new 2010 Fashion Targets Breast Cancer T-shirt.


Most people think they have a higher risk of breast cancer than they actually do.

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