Chemo Care

Easing the effects of chemotherapy

Nobody chooses chemo for its side effects, and it’s no wonder. Fatigue, nausea, sensitivity to smells and mouth sores, to name just a few, are anything but welcome in a young (or youngish) woman’s fight against breast cancer. Brigitte Davlut knew this firsthand which is why she created Chemo Care, a product guide to easing the side effects of chemotherapy.

Initially a resource list for herself and her friends going through it, Brigitte’s guide is so beneficial we wanted to make it available to all women undergoing treatment for breast cancer.

We hope it helps you, or someone you care about, find comfort during chemotherapy.

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*Always be sure to check with your medical professional before using any product. While this guide references specific products, it is not an endorsement of these products, as people may react differently. For a full disclaimer, Click here.

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