Support for Young Families – Local Programs

Are you dealing with breast cancer and raising young children? We offer resources as well as individual & group support. Whether you want to meet other young families or get professional help with a specific concern, we can help you and your family cope through the breast cancer journey.

To register for family support, please contact Shawna Ginsberg 416.920.0980 x 228

Home Visits Program

Currently available in TORONTO and CALGARY

Open medical play and specific education are essential for children of all ages to better understand what is happening to a parent diagnosed with breast cancer.  Rethink Breast Cancer is offering home visits for families facing breast cancer, provided by a Certified Child Life Specialist.

These support sessions take place in the family home and are 1 – 2 hours long, depending on the attention span of the child(ren) and the needs of each family. The focus is to give age-appropriate information that promotes an  understanding of breast cancer, its treatment and side effects. It also provides opportunities to express feelings and fears related to the changes within the family and help each child develop coping skills. They can be adapted to any stage of diagnoses & treatment.

Support Saturdays

Unfortunately, our Support Saturdays Program is unavailable right now.  Please connect with or 416-920-0980 ex. 228 for more information on support and resources for families.

Rethink Breast Cancer created Support Saturdays to bring together families raising babies and young children while also recovering from breast cancer, because we know that connection and camaraderie are key to living well and helping your family cope with this life-changing experience. Moms who are recovering from active breast cancer treatment get to share their experiences with each other and receive emotional support by two of our psychologists. At the same time, kids and dads/partners participate in organized play and expressive art activities facilitated by our dynamic Child Life Specialist who has designed an upbeat, creative curriculum using thoughtfully selected and therapeutic materials.

“Support Saturdays helped me feel like I had comrades in my journey. It’s easy to feel alone and misunderstood as a young mom with breast cancer because the situation is so unique and most programs are geared towards older women. Support Saturdays gave me and my family refuge in the storm that is breast cancer and we will always be grateful.” – Sarah

“[Support Saturdays is unique because] it gives time for each of the family members time to process the impact of the breast cancer.” – Kelly

“I think this program is so valuable and important for younger women facing breast cancer while simultaneously raising young children. Our Support Saturdays meetings alleviated the feelings of isolation I was struggling with and made me feel so much stronger in my cancer journey. Having young children depending on you while you are trying to get through cancer treatments is tough. Having the opportunity to connect with other mothers who understand exactly what you’re going through makes it all a little bit easier to bear.” – Karen

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