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10 Ways to Fundraise for #MyBoobyball

By Rethink Breast Cancer October 8 2016

Breast Cancer Awareness Month has arrived – are you worried you’re too late to get on the #MyBoobyball train and win those awesome prizes? NOT SO. Planning a party is easy – but you are also probably already doing something that you can turn into a mini-fundraiser. Are you getting together with friends at all this month? (Sure hope so!) Put a theme (and a hashtag) on it and show young women living with breast cancer that you stand with them. Whatever your style, however you like to spend your time – we give you the tools to turn it into a party with a purpose in just a couple minutes. To host your own #Myboobyball click here.

What’s your #MyBoobyball style?

1. Brunch

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You know you love it, and it’s the easiest meal to prepare. So go put some pretty berries on some pancakes and pour your friends a round of mimosas to let young women with breast cancer know you think about them a waffle lot.

2. Cocktail

There’s no better way to fan your fancy feathers than an easy, breezy cocktail night – it’s hard to resist the appeal of fun drinks and yummy appetizers. Create a signature cocktail and print off some themed drink flags from the Party Kit! Easy recipes can be found on our custom Pinterest page.

3. Birthday

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Calling all Libras and Scorpios! Are you gathering your people to celebrate? Let your friends fête you with a gift that makes a more durable impact than those flowers that you have to carry around with you all night and then just watch slowly wither away. Make it memorable with a jungle theme!

4. Halloween Party

‘Tis the season to get spooky! If you’re trying to squeeze a fundraiser in at the end of the month, why not make it a Halloween party? It’s easy to throw together, and now’s the time that everyone’s looking for somewhere to roar! Tell your guests to choose their spirit animal and get wild for a crucial cause!

5. Pre-Boobyball Party

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Are you going to Boobyball? Want to amp up your contribution to the cause? Have your friends over for some dinner as you jump into your jungle attire. Use our themed playlist to start getting into the mood for Paradise City early!

6. Netflix + Chill

We hear you. Winter is coming and your vibe is more “stay” than “play”. So how about you make a marathon of it and add some company? Check out the movie night suggestions in our #MyBoobyball Party Kit, add some themed snacks from the Pinterest page, and lounge in your loin cloths à la Tarzan!

7. Toddler/Teen Dance Party

It seems our smallest philanthropists are throwing the best parties these days! Teach your kiddos early that they can have fun and inspire social change at the same time. BONUS: Bedtime is a breeze after they’ve danced their little faces off. Ready-made playlist and wild-inspired kid crafts in the Party Kit!

8. Tea + Treats

If your style is simple and girly – they say there’s always time for tea! Go fancy or go cozy, there’s something for everyone here. So sit back, relax and enjoy some good conversation – and that warm, cozy feeling of giving back to a community that supports young women.

9. Clothing Swap

The seasons, they are-a-changing and your wardrobe needs an update (and let’s face it, your closet probably needs a cleaning). Out with the old, in with the new – set an admission price and warm up some apple cider on the stove for some fashionable philanthropic fun.

10. Bake-off

Pumpkin. Apple. Maple-Pecan. Fire up the oven and say hello to Autumn with a pie-baking marathon! Invite your animal pack over to sample the goods for a good cause – or buy bulk ingredients and teach them the secret of the elusive perfect pie crust. Don’t forget to print off your themed pie-toppers!