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3 Reasons Why Giving Tuesday Should Be On Your Radar 

By Rethink Breast Cancer November 26 2019

Does your current inbox look something like this:


“These Pre-Black Friday Deals Are Extra Hot!” 

“Beat the Black Friday rush with 50% OFF.” 

YES. WE GET IT. Black Friday is coming for our wallets and our souls (the drama)! Over the past few years we’ve been seeing push back from consumers and businesses alike, expressing consumerism fatigue as the day after American Thanksgiving has somehow become a twoweek long affair.  

So, what if you could make your hardearned dollars make a difference instead? Enter Giving Tuesday, a movement for giving and volunteering and the antidote to this next week’s spending frenzy. If you haven’t heard about it, you’re not alone.


Here are 3 reasons why you need Giving Tuesday in your life:  

1. Giving Tuesday is the most wholesome day of the year 

Giving Tuesday is pretty much what it sounds like – it’s a day totally committed to doing good for others. While some see social media as a dark and scary placeGiving Tuesday has been able to harness the medium’s potential for good by challenging our inner do-gooder to make our communities better.  Donating time, money, resources and talent, millions of Canadians and more than 6,500 charities and businesses participated in 2018 alone! 

2. Giving Tuesday is a movement for us to join together as a global community 

What started in 2012 as the 92nd Street Y’s answer to Black Friday and Cyber Monday has exploded into a global movement that has tracked activity in nearly every country in the world, with #GivingTuesday being used more than 14.2 billion times and raising more than a billion dollars. From 530 food donations being handed out to hungry people on the streets of Caracas and 200 Ukranian schools kicking off new curriculum to foster their next generation of philanthropists, to Rethink’s supporters raising enough to send more than 480 Give-A-Care packages to young women with cancer, Giving Tuesday has certainly inspired a lot of global good. 

3. Giving Tuesday keeps on growing during a time when Canadians are donating less 

Let’s start with the bad news – despite our generous reputation, both donation rates and amounts are down across all age groups of Canadians. Gasp!  

That’s where the good news comes in – in the face of these startling stats Giving Tuesday keeps on growing. Since 2012, donation dollars have grown 783% in Canada, making this day a super important one for your favourite charity (read: us 😉) and the Canadian charitable sector as a whole. 

Have we got you convinced that Giving Tuesday is an awesome way to kick-off the giving season? Well, you’re in good company – the day has been backed by the likes of Michelle ObamaJustin Bieber and Ellen…..and the team here at Rethink Breast Cancer. 

If you follow us on InstagramTwitter, or Facebook you already know we love using social media to do good. That’s why this December we’re challenging our community to do #RandomActsOfGiveACare, spreading joy and making cancer suck a little less for young women with breast cancer. Keep an eye out on in your inbox for how you can participate in a really big way this Giving Tuesday.  Not signed up for our emails? We got you covered – sign up here