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3 of the Most Important things to know about BCAM NOW

By Rethink Breast Cancer September 29 2017

Since the 1980s breast cancer awareness month (BCAM) has taken place every October. From the beginning, this internationally-known campaign has used increased events and media coverage to dedicate 31 days to breast cancer awareness, education, and empowerment for those affected by the disease.

Rethink Pink

But what if awareness isn’t enough? Rethink wants you to: Rethink Pink. The reality is, a lot of us (and maybe all of us) know someone who has been affected by breast cancer or maybe we have been affected by it ourselves. The disease is no longer unheard of. But while most people know of breast cancer, how many people actually know about it. This breast cancer awareness month, it’s our goal to educate and empower women so they can truly take charge of their breast health, support those going through it and advocate for better access to treatment and care for women (and men) with metastatic cancer.



Most people know someone going through cancer and no matter what age you are, you can show your love and support. People are often tongue tied for what to say and confused about what to do. Don’t underestimate the power of just being there and listening. It goes a long way!

If you are more of an actions speak louder than words kind of person, check out this list of ways you can show your love by doing. Also, don’t forget about Rethink’s amazing Give-A-Care line for useful gifts during cancer treatment and beyond!



In the spirit of Rethink Pink, awareness is one thing, but education is another. With the launch of our #8008135 teen campaign this Fall, we have claimed education as a Rethink priority this October.

The #8008135 campaign will educate young adults on the actual truth about breast cancer, so that they will be able to recognize myths when they see them. It’s our goal to use education as a tool to empower youth to combat breast cancer fear by taking their breast health into their own hands.

To find out more about, visit the #8008135 website and read the official Rethink responses to common breast cancer myths here. 




Another focus for this BCAM is advocacy – specifically, metastatic advocacy. Metastatic breast cancer (MBC) affects 20% of people with breast cancer. It’s aggressive and – right now – there is no cure. As prices for the treatments continue to rise, women with metastatic breast cancer are having to wait longer and longer to gain access to treatment. Rethink wants to change this. This October, we are releasing a petition which will give you the opportunity to advocate for the following:

  • The inclusion of the voice and the values of women with metastatic breast cancer throughout the process by which decisions about access to metastatic breast cancer treatments are made
  • A transparent process where both the pan-Canadian Pharmaceutical Alliance and pharmaceutical manufacturers are held accountable to timelines so patients are not left
    waiting and in the dark.

Women with metastatic breast cancer need special attention from the breast cancer awareness movement. Through this petition, our goal is to ensure that MBC takes a front seat this breast cancer awareness month.

To show your support, sign the petition.


Finally, it wouldn’t be BCAM if we didn’t have some exciting ways to SHOP the cause. That’s right. Rethink has partnered with some amazing brands like H&M, Smythe, Ardene, Panera, Sweet Jesus, Saks Fifth Avenue, EOS, and more! Throughout the month of October, these brands have committed to donating some or all proceeds from certain products to fund Rethink’s work in support, education, and advocacy.

Whether you’re buying a t-shirt, a bra, an ice cream cone, or lip gloss – there are numerous ways you can show your support and Rethink Pink this breast cancer awareness month.

Find out more about our partnerships and how you can Shop for Rethink this October!

We hope you will consider making a difference this October by supporting Rethink Pink. Whether it’s engaging with the #8008135 campaign, shopping with Rethink, or signing the MBC petition, there are many ways you can shift from awareness to action this BCAM.

There’s still lots to be done, but together we’re stronger, and every bit of support makes a difference!