5 More Things You Need to Know About Breast Cancer Right Now!

Don’t Always Believe What You Hear.

Don't Always believe what you hear
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The Internet has become a breeding ground for myths and misconceptions regarding breast health and breast cancer. Don’t believe everything you hear. For example, antiperspirant deodorant, microwaves, and cell phones do not cause breast cancer. And just because your great Aunt had breast cancer, does not mean you are bound to get it too.

At Rethink, we believe knowledge is power… but that means knowing the truth. This fall we launched #8008135, a teen breast health online hotline, to bust (pun intended!) the most common breast cancer myths. And the beauty about it: you don’t need to be a teen to use it.

It’s important to educate yourself in order to make the most informed decisions possible regarding your best breast health. To find out more about the many breast cancer myths you should debunk ASAP, click here.

It’s Not One Size Fits All.

It's not one size fits all
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Contrary to popular belief, there isn’t just one kind of breast cancer or one kind of treatment. There are many different types of breast cancer. HER2-positive, estrogen-positive, triple-negative, invasive, non-invasive, inflammatory breast cancer… these are just some of the types and sub-types of breast cancers out there. And each one requires different attention and treatment. Find out more about the types of breast cancer and the different treatments for them.

Similarly, breast cancer is known to affect young women in different ways. Their breast cancers tend to be more aggressive and advance quicker. Young women also have a plethora of other factors (like starting a family, a career, relationships, etc.) to deal with and consider throughout their diagnosis and treatment. Through the #YWBC profiles (Young Women with Breast Cancer) on our blog site, we highlight the unique experiences of young women in our network as they navigate and cope with breast cancer.

Breast cancer isn’t just one disease and it can affect those diagnosed in many different ways.

It’s Not the “Sexy” Thing.

It's not the sexy cancer
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Just because this type of cancer starts in a part of the body often sexualized by the media, doesn’t mean that it’s sexy. There is nothing sexy about having your breasts removed and replaced. This is a traumatic experience for most women with breast cancer who would prefer to have their own, real breasts. And unfortunately, there are many women who’s encounter with breast cancer doesn’t end after a mastectomy.

Metastatic breast cancer (MBC) occurs when breast cancer cells metastasize (spread) to other parts of the body. Once diagnosed with MBC, you are considered Stage 4. MBC is a real concern and needs more support because right now there is no cure. Young women are succumbing to the disease, and there is nothing “sexy” about that. Find out more about how Rethink is advocating for those living with MBC here and sign the petition!

The Cause Isn’t Over-Supported.

The cause isn't over-supported
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As mentioned above, metastatic breast cancer (MBC) exists and needs more focused advocacy and research. MBC has gone overlooked and under-supported because of a lack of awareness of its existence. Only 50% of Canadians know what MBC is. But there are many things you can do to get involved:

  • To find out more about MBC, visit MBC Time — a recent initiative launched by Rethink and partnering breast cancer organizations to spread awareness and advocate for the disease.
  • Join Rethink in giving women with MBC a voice regarding treatment, by signing our petition.

Rethink exists to fill a gap in the breast cancer space: support for young women with the disease. In the past, the unique needs of young women have gone overlooked by breast cancer support programs and campaigns. We are changing that. And it’s a cause that can never have enough support.

There is Support For Those Who Need It.

5 Things to Know About BC
Photo: Roman Kraft

If you know someone has been affected by breast cancer, they do not have to go through it alone. First off, they have you! But there are also many supports like Give-A-Care (our care package line) and RYWN (our online support network of young women with the disease), which can help those diagnosed navigate their breast cancer journey.

But as a caregiver, you are also not alone. Find out about creative ways to show those in your life with breast cancer that you care here. 

Click here for the ABC’s of breast cancer.

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