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We love how YSC mixes together advocates, professionals, educators and young women with breast cancer at every stage. This makes for rich discussion and builds a community for all of us with the same purpose: to help young women with breast cancer.

2Inclusive Programming

The reason this conference draws such a diverse crowd is the variety and inclusiveness of the programming. There is something for everyone and topics for the sessions range from sexuality, fertility, career, legacy to experiential workshops that help those with cancer cope. There are also sessions that cater to women with metastatic cancer, lesbian women and women of colour in order to be inclusive and create a safe space for all.

3Innovative Speakers

YSC looks for speakers that resonate with their audience which means looking beyond letters at the end of someone’s name. While there are definitely top shelf oncologists, advocates (can you say SUSAN LOVE!) fertility experts and counselling professionals, there are also some amazing peer leaders. Our favourite this year is Activist and Sexuality Educator Erica Heart. Check her out here!

4Vast Marketplace

The exhibit hall at YSC is like the Brimfield Flea of breast cancer marketplaces – tons of variety and information about organizations doing great work. Young women who have taken their experience with breast cancer and have become entrepreneurs offering a service to other young women or a helpful product they wish they had. And while we are on the subject of helpful product … go say hello to Alison and MJ at Rethink’s booth where they will have a sampling of Give-A-Care products and some fun giveaways!

5Powerhouse Leadership (The future in breast cancer IS f...

We always knew Jen Merschdorf, YSC’s CEO was a zealous leader but we were blown away by her keynote speech a few years ago in Houston. As a survivor herself, Jen brings passion and compassion to YSC constituents and her speeches are inspirational. Like our own brand of bold leadership, we like her swagger and honesty. Check out what happens below when we put her and our own fearless leader into a room. It’s definitely a mighty pink force to be reckoned with.

For more info on YSC Summit click HERE.