8 Halloween Costume Ideas For Your Fantastic Chemo Head

chemo Halloween costumes

Halloween – maybe you always dress up and go to a party, maybe you sit on the porch watching kids in costumes stream by, maybe you hide inside and turn all the lights off and order takeout. Whatever your routine, having chemo head provides a unique opportunity for a little extra fun this season. Whether you’re in the thick of it or just starting to grow out that fuzz, this list of Halloween costume ideas has something for you.

1. The Solar System

Get out those pipe cleaners and skin-safe paint because that noggin would make a great center of the solar system. 

2. Uncle Fester

Okay, okay, this one might hit close to home. I felt a whole lot like Uncle Fester during chemo when I got home and washed off my makeup every night, especially after those nights of not sleeping well (Thanks, Taxol). So let’s lean in! Throw on a bathrobe and some dark eye shadow and you’re there! 

3. G.I. Jane

What better way to show off your cute tiny hairs and your incredible strength than dressing up as G.I. Jane? Hello 90’s?? Are you there?? 

4. Natalie Portman in V for Vendetta

A similar look here for those just starting to grow those gorgeous locks. Grab a cheap burnt orange shirt, cut off the sleeves and neckline and rough it up a bit and there you go. Better yet, grab your significant other and make them dress up as V. 

5. Mr. Clean

Tell me you’ve never imagined having giant white eyebrows. Well here’s your chance. Find an old white t-shirt and some jeans. And let’s be real you all probably have a single gold hoop earring lying around somewhere that you haven’t worn in years because you lost the other one while vigorously snuggling with your best friend’s dog Zorro on the couch in 10th grade. Just me? 

6. Gollum

Lord of the Rings fans? Need an excuse to sit on the floor and not talk to anyone during that Halloween party you don’t really want to go to? Feel like being *mostly* naked? Draw some lines on your face and find a ring and an old pair of tan shorts and you’re on you’re way. Bonus points if you’ve gone flat and can truly rock Gollum’s near-naked vogue. Extra funny if you find a giant blow-up ring, or make one from paper mache! 

7. IT

Alright horror fans, you’d never be able to pull off that creepy hairline without tons of prep work, until now. Chemo head has got your back for the IT costume – you can find the costume already put together in sets at Halloween stores. Pick one up and start scaring. 

8. Bald Eagle

“Verrrry Punny” your friends will say. There are plenty of Eagle costumes out there – often a black felt step-in situation. Just leave the headpiece off and there you go, a true bald eagle!  – Robin Goode

To read Robin’s letter to the woman who saved her life, click here.

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