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9 Ways “YOU CAN” Join the World Cancer Day Movement

By Rethink Breast Cancer February 3 2017

Rethink Breast Cancer is eager to collaborate with other organizations to engage in cancer conversations – so we have compiled a list of some things that “we can” and “I can” do (with some additions from our unique Rethink perspective!) to contribute to the discussion on World Cancer Day.


1. Inspire action; take action

Photo by Jordan Whitfield

Through bold, socially-sharable campaigns, Rethink Breast Cancer seeks to revitalize the breast cancer movement and inspire young people to take action and make change for all women. Whether it is sending a letter to parliament, sharing your story, or even just spreading the word – Rethink aims to add relevance to advocacy.

2. Challenge perceptions

Photo by Ben Rosett

Rethink aims to dispel the myth that breast cancer is strictly an “old lady disease.” We are removing the stigma around the young women (and men) who are also affected and providing appropriate resources, education, and support for this community.

3. Expand the conversation surrounding breast cancer

Photo by Jon Flobrant

Rethink continues to expand the breast cancer conversation in all ways, especially for issues surrounding young women living with metastatic breast cancer. Our metastatic project continues to give young women living with metastatic cancer a voice and bringing their unique needs to all of our educational tools and resources for patients. Stay turned as we turn the conversation into action with a new access to treatment campaign!

4. Build a supportive community

Photo by Ian Schneider

Rethink Young Women’s Network (RYWN) is a group comprised of young women across Canada who have personal experience with breast cancer. This group provides support, valuable feedback, and helps raise awareness about the needs of young women with breast cancer.

5. Be aware

Photo by Nicolas Cool

Rethink wants to shift the conversation away from fear of breast cancer, towards breast awareness. Your best breast health means more than just the absence of disease. It comprises healthy habits, understanding risks, knowing your body, and paying close attention to changes. To learn more, check out our Your Best Breast Health campaign!

6. Make informed lifestyle choices

Photo by Callistus Ndemo

While some risks factors for breast cancer cannot be avoided, such as being a woman or getting older, there are many pro-active lifestyle choices that can help reduce your lifetime risk. Eating right, staying active, maintaining a healthy body weight, limiting alcohol consumption, and avoiding harmful chemicals are some of them! Learn more about how these healthy habits can have an impact on breast cancer risk here.

7. Take control of my cancer

Photo by Justin Luebke

Rethink hopes to empower women to be educated about their situation so that they can be in control of their cancer journey. This includes understanding your diagnosis, issues surrounding fertility, getting through treatment, life after treatment, and the unique challenges presented by living with metastatic breast cancer. We have created a set of Guidelines to help young women understand the issues that affect them most.

8. Ask for support; support others

Photo by Cory Bouthillette

Rethink has a number of resources to provide support to women affected by breast cancer, whether personally, or through a friend or relative. From learning what to say to someone who has been diagnosedspeaking to your children about a breast cancer diagnosis, creating a meal train, accessing simple tips for dealing with treatment from our Live Laugh Learn video series, or spreading the love through our GIVE-A-CARE line – Rethink strives to provide all forms of much-needed support.

9. Help others

Photo by Mike Wilson

Rethink Breast Cancer wants to inspire young people to get involved! Whether it is donating to our mission, volunteering your time, or attending one of our hot-ticket events,– we want to make fundraising fun. All of the money raised by our supporters goes directly into the work we do to improve the lives of those affected by breast cancer.

For more ways to get involved sign up HERE!