Photo by Scott Webb

Turns out recaps of fun vacations, the squeaks of new sneakers on freshly waxed floors, and the opening and closing of locker doors won’t be the only sounds filling high school halls this September.

After sending out a survey in May to over 800 North American youth, we found that teens are not only talking about breast cancer, but they are misunderstanding it too.

Here are some of the top breast cancer myths teens are talking about:

1Breast cancer is super common in young people.

Photo by Greg Raines

2Breast cancer is usually hereditary.

Photo by William Stitt

3Antiperspirant deodorant causes breast cancer.

Photo by Scott Webb

4Radiation from cellphones causes breast cancer.

Photo by Adrian Sava

At Rethink, the last thing we want is a generation of teens living in breast cancer fear, therefore unable to make empowered decisions regarding their best breast health. While the Internet and social media era have been amazing for expanding the breast cancer movement, it seems many teens still aren’t consistently receiving the right information.

We want to switch the narrative.

This Fall, Rethink is launching our very own teen breast health campaign to help bust (pun intended!) the common breast cancer myths teens believe today. #8008135 is an interactive online “hotline” where teens will be able to ask questions and start sharing the truth about breast health, breast cancer, and their risk.

Stay tuned for the official launch of #8008135 and Rethink’s full responses to these common breast cancer myths and more!