Care Guideline #7 For Young Women With Breast Cancer: Receiving Counselling

During the initial days and weeks of a cancer diagnosis, many young women find themselves needing to make extremely difficult decisions in a very short timeframe. We believe every young woman diagnosed with breast cancer should have the opportunity to speak with a qualified counsellor. The emotional toll of cancer, especially as a young adult, can be huge and it’s crucial to consider and acknowledge mental well-being in addition to physical care.

“Every single woman should have equal opportunity to the access of a skilled counsellor and a supportive environment. No matter what major life decisions a woman has to face, everyone should be supported. Not everyone is given the opportunity to be vocal about their needs as I was, so it is very important for professionals to talk about it.” -Chantal, diagnosed at age 37

To download the Care Guidelines and learn more about your rights as a young woman with breast cancer, visit this page.

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