Communication is key to access:  How do you have the cannabis convo?

Now that you have explored the use of marijuana to help manage your side-effects and symptoms, you may find there is a still a stigma and lack of knowledge attached to using the drug which can make talking to your healthcare provider challenging.

You may even be afraid afraid to broach the subject of using medical marijuana with your doctor and your caregivers! The following is a guide to walk you through the discussion process and what to prepare for your appointment.

Keep in mind that this is likely not the first time that your oncologist has been asked about this!

You have the right to try complimentary therapies and medical cannabis is LEGAL with a prescription in Canada.


  • List the condition or symptoms you are trying to treat that can be alleviated or controlled by medical cannabis.
  • Bring a detailed list of medications and forms of therapy you have tried, their pros and cons, and how you are accessing them
  • Know the legalities are in obtaining a prescription in your city (often healthcare providers won’t know the ins and outs of obtaining the drug). For example, in Canada patients who receive a prescription are then responsible for finding licensed producer (or LP) on their own to purchase the right product for them.
  • Ask are there any side-effects or contraindications in using medical cannabis with your current treatments? Should you be using medical cannabis with other pain medications? Is there a way to obtain compassionate pricing on medical cannabis and how can you access it?

For additional information on medical marijuana, LP’s  like Aphria or Medreleaf will often have experts on hand who can help to guide you on what are the best strains for your medical needs, the best way to ingest it, and track your usage.

Remember, everyone is different and it may take time to find the best way to manage your symptoms through medical cannabis. Communication with experts and personal knowledge is key in receiving the greatest benefit!

For more information on accessing medical cannabis in Canada click HERE.

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