Rethinker Profile: Diva’s Run by GWN Events

GWN Events’ Divas Half Marathon & 5K on Toronto Island Sunday, June 10 and launching in Calgary Sunday, June 24 will be raising funds for Rethink! Join in on the fun and glam by registering and using the code RETHINK to save 10% off!

Registration for Toronto Island Registration for Calgary

What do you do when you’re not changing the world with philanthropic gestures?

We are a small team that is always looking to create and produce inspiring events that engage and have a lasting impact. We work together as a family both inside and outside the office walls and thrive in being the best we can be at what we produce.

How do you find a cause you are passionate about?

We look for a cause that makes an impact in the lives of others and the community. We align the target audience. Both Divas and Rethink have a mission to empower women and make the lasting impact.

What is the most important thing to know when it comes to donating to a cause? 

We believe the most important thing to know when it comes to donating to a cause is to understand what it is about in terms of the mission, vision and values. Aligning your personal interests whether it is something that hits close to home or a cause you believe in. Also, donating to a cause can be financial contribution or volunteering your time as both make a positive and significant impact.

What is innovative about the Rethink approach?

We admire the way Rethink empowers young women; by taking the traditional way of treating breast cancer and turning the messaging into a bold, innovative approach while still focusing in on their mission – empowerment!

What inspires you daily?

What inspires the GWN Events staff daily is knowing that our events help change lives and provide opportunities for individuals to get out of their comfort zones and lead a better life through movement, engagement and community.

Why should people support a cause they are passionate about?

At GWN we believe in paying it forward. Whether it is a financial contribution, your time etc. know that you are making a difference. We encourage everyone to find a cause such as Rethink where the goal is to educate, engage and support young women in bringing much needed support and attention to the cause.

Want to participate? Find out more about the Diva’s Run in Toronto and Calgary!

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