Five Must-Listen Love + Relationship Podcasts

By Hannah Ziegler

To close out love week (see you next year, Valentine’s Day), we’ve rounded up our fave podcasts about intimacy, love and relationships. From tackling the hard stuff in Where Should We Begin (stories of actual couples therapy sessions) to the weird and wonderful Modern Love stories from real people (where anything goes on the subject of love), when it comes to podcasts about love + relationships one thing is clear: the subject matter is complicated and anything but black and white.

Here are some of our picks to get your playlist started.

Modern Love

Modern Love by NYT and WBUR combines everything to love about love. Each episode features an oral reading of a Modern Love essay from the New York Times, which is a popular long-running column at the paper. The twist? The essays are read by celebrities like January Jones, Judd Apatow and Catherine Keener. No matter which episode you start with, you are guaranteed an emotional, funny, heartwarming experience.

Where to find it: Spotify, iTunes

Where Should We Begin 

Where Should We Begin is referred to as “The Rosetta Stone of feelings” by the Atlantic, is an incredibly intimate and inspiring podcast. It was started by Esther Perel, a relationship expert, therapist and author. Fans of fly-on-the-wall style podcasts will be thrilled to listen in on couples’ conversations, as they discuss the inner workings of their relationships and what it means to be in love. There is a wide variety of conversations to tune in to (Season 3 – The Arc of Love – is out now), giving listeners plenty of opportunities to resonate with the guests, or simply open up to hearing new voices.

Where to find it: Audible, Apple Podcasts

Dear Sugars 

Though Dear Sugars ended back in September 2018, it’s a must listen for everyone, really, who has gone through heartbreak or dealt with difficulty surrounding family, friendships and anything life throws at you. The Sugars (hosted by Cheryl Strayed of Wild fame and Steve Almond), offered up sage advice to questions from real people going through rough patches in their lives. Guests included writers, musicians and even political candidates. Grab a tissue and browse through the emotional episodes online.

Where to find it: iTunes, RadioPublic

Alone: A Love Story

Alone: a Love Story (CBC) is probably the most personal podcast on the list. Michelle Parise, CBC writer and producer, details her relationship with her husband from start to finish, the most dramatic part being “The Bomb”: her husband’s reveal of his affair. The episodes follow a cohesive and intriguing storyline, in which Parise leads listeners through her journey of love, lust, betrayal, and healing. If you’re craving something intimate, this one is for you.

Where to find it: iTunes, Spotify

Kind World

Kind World provides an instant uplift as you listen in on stories of kindness and compassion, demonstrating the positive impact human beings can have on each other. A good episode to start with is the recently-popular “My Dad’s Friendship With Charles Barkley”, which is just as incredible as it sounds.

Where to find it: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher

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