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Oncotype DX For Everyone

Oncotype DX For Everyone

The Oncotype DX test is an important diagnostic tool that helps identify which women with early-stage, estrogen-receptor positive and lymph-node-negative breast cancer will benefit from adding chemotherapy to their hormonal treatment. This test also helps assess the likelihood of a breast cancer recurrence.  Making an informed decision about chemotherapy can greatly benefit patients quality of life and positive outcomes from treatment.

We believe that every eligible patient should have access to Oncotype DX, regardless of financial situation.


What is Rethink doing?

Rethink met with members of the Legislative Assembly in Alberta, British Columbia and Nova Scotia advocating for greater access to evidenced based treatments and diagnostic testing to empower young women facing breast cancer to make more personalized treatment decisions. We made it clear that “one size does not fit all” when it comes to young women and breast cancer as their needs are often very different from those of their older counterparts.


On March 25, 2014, it was announced that Alberta Health will now cover the cost of the Oncotype Dx test for women diagnosed with breast cancer and who qualify for the test. On April 22, 2014, British Columbia announced it is now the 6th province to fund the Oncotype Dx test for women diagnosed with breast cancer and who qualify for the test.

June 2016 saw Nova Scotia add their name to the list of provinces to fund Oncotype Dx. This funding comes with a one-year time period. Rethink will continue to advocate to ensure that this funding limitation is lifted as in other provinces so women in Nova Scotia can benefit from this test for years to come.

The Oncotype DX test is currently funded throughout the United States as well as in the provinces of SK, ON, QC, NL, AB, BC and NS.

Next Steps

Rethink is currently in discussions with oncologists and patients in Manitoba who are frustrated with the length of time the approval process for Oncotype DX is taking in their province. We are awaiting data from that province and will be reaching out to start the conversation in early 2017.

Stay tuned!