HIGH RISK: A Rethink Breast Cancer Film

Breast Cancer High Risk Genetics Film

At Rethink Breast Cancer, we know that understanding the experience of living with a high risk of breast cancer is just as important as understanding the facts about that risk. That is why for our participation in the High Risk Project, we chose to create a documentary film.

High Risk: A Rethink Breast Cancer Film interviews seven young women at increased breast cancer risk to illuminate their experience – how they found out about their elevated risk, the impact of this information on their lives, and what decisions they have made or are making to address this risk.

Director Jessica Edwards lends an informed perspective coming from a family with members who carry the BRCA2 gene mutation and who have had to face their increased risk.This film premiered in Toronto at Rethink Breast Cancer’s High Risk Forum on May 19th 2015.

If you are a healthcare professional working with women at high risk for breast cancer, please contact us for more information about screening the film for your staff or patients.

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