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Living With Breast Cancer

Cancer Fabulous Diaries

Cancer Fabulous Diaries

We’ve teamed up with Sylvia Soo to create a first-of-its-kind resource for young women going through breast cancer: Cancer Fabulous Diaries.

Cancer Fabulous Diaries offers practical advice and important coping techniques from young women with breast cancer as well as a variety of health care experts. It combines the raw, surprising, and completely absorbing musings of Sylvia Soo (based on her diaries) with the stories of other young women on single life, love, marriage, best friends, babies, clothes, work… and what happens to all that when you get breast cancer. A moving first-person account, as well as a practical handbook, Cancer Fabulous Diaries documents the journey from diagnosis to recovery.

Request a copy of Cancer Fabulous Diaries for your hospital or cancer centre by emailing