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Living With Breast Cancer

Live Laugh Learn

Live Laugh Learn

An evolution of our in-person support groups, Rethink Breast Cancer’s LiveLaughLearn video series offers practical tips for young women with breast cancer.

Live Laugh Learn: Tips for Young Women with Breast Cancer

Tips for young women with breast cancer from young women with breast cancer:

Live Laugh Learn: How to be a Loved One

How to be a loved one of someone with cancer:

Live Laugh Learn Beauty Tips + Tricks for Women with Cancer

Fashion and beauty tips and how-tos to help you look and feel your best:

  • How to brighten a complexion when going through treatment: Face Forward
  • Tips to revive tired eyes from cancer treatment: Making Eyes Pop
  • The best hairstyles for when hair grows back: Short Hair Love
  • How to re-create eyebrows after hair loss: Arch Up
  • Fitting and caring for wigs: Wig Out

Live Laugh Learn: The Comeback (post-treatment)

Tips from experts on how to live life well after a breast cancer diagnosis:

Live Laugh Learn: Young + Metastatic

Advice and personal stories shared by young women living with metastatic breast cancer:

Live Laugh Learn: Mission Recovery (talking to kids about cancer)

This animated series explores various tools and techniques to provide children with a greater understanding of breast cancer and identify some of the feelings that may be impacting their lives at different ages and stages of development:

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