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Living With Breast Cancer

Young Families + Breast Cancer

Young Families + Breast Cancer

One of the many unique challenges that young women with breast cancer face is raising young children. Right away when a Mom is diagnosed, throughout treatment, following treatment and if facing metastatic illness, they are faced with the task of communicating with their children about the impending changes.

Children are amazingly resilient and with the right information, attention and support, children can learn to cope with a cancer diagnosis in the family and the significant impact it may have on their daily lives.


This creative series of videos and resources explores various tools and techniques to provide children with a greater understanding of breast cancer and identify some of the feelings that may be impacting their lives at different ages and stages of development.

Watch all five videos below, or on our Youtube channel!



Check out these fun activities to do with your kids HERE!


Child life specialist Morgan Livingstone paired up with Rethink to create this resource for how to talk to your children about breast cancer. Full of great tips, this guide will help you navigate some of the obstacles you might run into when speaking to your children about your diagnosis. Also available in French.

Download (PDF, 1.44MB)


With the help of a grant from Rethink, Karen Stowe is filling the gap in support for young families going through it. The Kids’ Guide to Mommy’s Breast Cancer is a creative and informative book for young children to enjoy and relate to as they and their families cope with the challenges of breast cancer and treatment.


Navigating metastatic or stage 4 breast cancer presents its own set of unique needs and challenges, especially when it comes to communicating this disease to family members. This new book, written by Child Life Specialist Morgan Livingstone, offers tools and tips for creating a healthy environment by talking to children openly and honestly about all stages of MBC, from diagnosis, through treatment and end of life.