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Medical Cannabis Panelist Profile: Beth

By Rethink Breast Cancer June 15 2017

Name: Beth Harris

Hometown: Waterford, Ontario

Current city: Leamington, Ontario

Number of years working in medical cannabis and what do you do?

2 yrs on August 10th…and my position is the Patient Ambassador

How did you get involved in the medical cannabis space? 

I initially starting using cannabis on a daily basis to help cope with the loss of my son.  Then 11 months later I was diagnosed with breast cancer which truly started my involvement in cannabis.

What was your first impression of cannabis as medicine?

My first impression of cannabis was a very positive one. The thought of being able to manage my symptoms without the use of opiates ; was very exciting and a medicine that I would certainly entertain

What’s one of the biggest challenges of working in the medical cannabis industry?

The biggest challenge is getting away from the stigma of cannabis; educating people on how this medicine works.

What is the biggest misconception or myth about medical cannabis?

The biggest misconception is that all people that smoke cannabis do it to get high.  I don’t think people understand the difference between THC and CBD and the different affects both offer

What resources do you use to keep up to date on medical cannabis?

Aphria continues to update on social media venues ie/ facebook, twitter, instragram, blogs. We also provide news blasts to our patients who have an email address but we also post all updates and changes on the Aphria website as well as the patient portal

Who do you see as having the greatest impact to the field of medical cannabis right now?

Personally, I feel the physicians have a great impact on this field.  I feel the more physicians are educated and feel comfortable prescribing cannabis as part of the patients plan of care; the more the public will feel more confident with using cannabis as an alternative medicine.  I also personally feel that personal testimonials definitely have an impact on how other see the use of cannabis.


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