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Rethink Breast Cancer knows how to create campaigns that gets people talking. We create content that is fresh, educational, buzz-worthy, and most importantly, speaks to women in their 40s and under in their own voice.



Does deodorant cause breast cancer? Is my underwire bra going to increase my risk of getting breast cancer?

These are just some of the myths that Rethink’s latest 8008135 campaign, in partnership with agency Sid Lee, debunks. The socially-driven myth-busting movement resulted from a survey of 800+ teens across North America that showed youth were actually overestimating their risk of breast cancer. Rethink wanted to change that by educating and engaging teens via an influencer-driven campaign and interactive chatbot.

The Broken Telephone video was inspired by Mean Girls and features mega influencers: Peyton List, Maeve Tomalty, Mia Carucci and Meghan Hughes. The social reach of 8008135 is in the millions and even caught the attention of Olivia Wilde who sported a campaign tee designed in partnership with H&M.


In the spring of 2016, Rethink launched Give-A-Care, a campaign and product line that got real about the needs of young women with breast cancer. After speaking with more than 500 women who were undergoing treatment, a practical-yet-cheeky product line (in partnership with agency lg2) was born to help bring the newly designed care guidelines to life. It’s aim: a candid conversation about the disease, treatment and impact.

Now in it’s second year, Give-A-Care continues to get noticed. So far, the campaign has won over 70+ awards and attracted shoppers from more than 115 countries. Media impressions are over the 120 million mark and the campaign has been talked about on major media outlets including The Today Show, Breakfast Television, The Huffington Post, The Globe and Mail, National Post InStyle, Best Health, Fashion, Chatelaine, Elle and Flare. It also made an appearance at the World Cancer Congress in Paris.

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Rethink’s Executive Director, MJ DeCoteau brought the international Fashion Targets Breast Cancer campaign to Canada. For 10 years Rethink worked with several top Canadian fashion brands to raise awareness for breast cancer across the country.


Launched the Your Man Reminder app, which features hot guys reminding women to take care of their breast health. The app has been downloaded more than 300,000 times, making it one of the most successful health apps ever. The promo video went viral with over 7.5 million views on YouTube!


Our documentary About Her received the Donald Britain Award for Best Documentary at the Canadian Screen Awards.


Launched LiveLaughLearn video series as part of the first ever “boob-tube” digital breast cancer channel. An evolution of our in-person support groups, these videos offer practical tips for young women with breast cancer.