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Why We Rethink

For many young women who are busy building their careers and families, breast health may not exactly be top of mind. We strive to dispel the myth that breast cancer is strictly an “old lady disease,” while taking some of the fear out of the conversation to bring breast health awareness to the forefront. Those who have been diagnosed with breast cancer may experience isolation as well as challenges with dating, sexuality, fertility, childcare, finances, employment and more.

Treatment and care issues include delays in diagnosis, generally more advanced cancers at diagnosis and higher mortality rates, low participation in clinical trials, lack of age-appropriate care, concerns around social support during cancer treatment, as well as late effects of treatment, second cancers and long-term psychosocial issues. Rethink offers age-appropriate support and resources for young women with breast cancer to make their journey a little bit easier.


We’ve been thinking differently about breast cancer since 2001 when we first realized that the breast cancer “movement” did not speak to the unique needs of younger women. In everything we do, we are constantly rethinking the traditional discourse surrounding breast cancer awareness, approaching the cause in a way that is daring, fresh, and relevant.


Campaigning for the cause

Fear-driven public service campaigns based on sweeping statistics

Pink ribbons, pins and tchochkes

Scary, complicated how-to self-exam brochures

One-size-fits-all traditional breast cancer support groups

Golf tournaments and gala dinner fundraisers

Breast cancer is an older woman’s disease

Big charity infrastructure brings more money and clout to the cause

Simplistic early detection messages

Raising awareness for women diagnosed with breast cancer


A movement for young women affected by breast cancer

Fear-free, bold messaging with a multi-platform reach that revitalizes the breast cancer movement and motivates young people to action

Bold, stylish t-shirt slogans

Easy, breezy TLC cards and self-check reminder apps for your phone

Cutting edge digital resources tailor-made to help young women with breast cancer

Hot-ticket events across Canada, attracting hordes of young influencers and media attention

Young women get breast cancer too – their concerns and needs are unique and their survival rates are lower than those of older women.

Low overhead and high impact creative entrepreneurialism keeps the focus and funds directed at the cause and the people affected by it

Personalized risk assessment and informed decision making

Raising our voices and advocating for the distinct needs of young women with breast cancer

Our Pledge

No matter how Rethink evolves to meet your changing needs, we will continue to…

  • Fill gaps in resources, education and community building  for young women
  • Motivate young women to take responsibility for their  breast health
  • Raise public awareness about the unique needs of  young women with breast cancer
  • Advocate for improved services to meet the needs  of young women dealing with breast cancer
  • Create high-impact, fear-free messaging that brings  positive energy to the breast cancer cause
  • Find and forge new platforms to reach young people
  • Inspire a new generation of breast cancer supporters
  • Foster a worldwide community of young people  concerned about and affected by breast cancer, along with the organizations who support and advocate for them


We think you should be spoken to in your own language.
We think our messaging should respect your intelligence.
We think our campaigns should echo your unique concerns.
We think empowerment comes from knowledge and support that’s relevant to you.
We think connection is more useful than fear.
We think chutzpah and style bring positive energy to the cause.
We think getting to know your breasts, sharing your stories, and connecting with other young women like you is living well.
We think community is more compelling than ribbons and hearts.
We think you deserve your own movement.
We think differently about breast cancer.