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Rethink Year in Review: 2017

By Rethink Breast Cancer December 29 2017

From our big wins, hello Strategy Magazine Brand of the Year, to our wee supporters who came out for Boobyball Mini, we’re taking a moment to reflect on some of the work that the Rethink team and community accomplished this year.

Of course, all of our work would not be possible without our incredible supporters. Help us continue this important work into 2018 and beyond! Make a gift to Rethink today.

1. World Cancer Day

In February, Rethink once again participated in World Cancer Day—a worldwide initiative to eradicate cancer—alongside other organizations from 162 countries. We brought together friends, supporters, and creators to share how they can make a difference as part of the “WE CAN. I CAN.” movement. Check out the video here!

2. Boobyball Mini

At this year’s Boobyball Mini, guests big and small were transported to a magical, enchanted forest. Between our two events in Vancouver and Toronto, more than 220 mini Rethinkers (plus 200 awesome adults) came out to play, dance, snack and Rethink the afternoon away. Check out photos from Toronto and Vancouver.


3. Medical Cannabis + Cancer Care Forum

For the second year in a row, we hosted our Rethink Medical Cannabis + Cancer Care Forum to discuss breakthroughs in research, symptom management, ingestion methods, access, and how to begin a conversation about medical cannabis with your doctor. Learn more on our blog, or watch the full recording of the forum on our Facebook page.

4. Stretch Heal Grow

This summer, another group of women experienced the magic of our Stretch Heal Grow yoga and wellness retreat. While bittersweet after the passing of Stretch Heal Grow founder Jasmin Fiore Dodge earlier this year, we were proud to continue her legacy and touch another 26 young women living with breast cancer for a weekend of community, healing and connection.

5. 8008135

This fall, our 8008135 campaign made it cooler than ever for teens and young people to get educated about breast health and debunk common myths about breast cancer risk. The multi-channel initiative included a T-shirt collaboration with H&M, Facebook chat bot, phone booth activations, social media (@KnowThy8008135), a star-studded video, and website to dispel misinformation and set the record straight.

6. Breast Cancer Awareness Month

We were “Rethinking Pink” all month during October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Working alongside more than 20 partners, there was no shortage of ways to demonstrate support for the cause and for Rethink – from tea to T-shirts to home decor – and everything in between.

7. Boobyball

Throwing it back to the 80s and 90s, we took Boobyball: Get Physical truly coast-to-coast in 2017, with two new event locations in Halifax and Vancouver, in addition to Toronto, Ottawa and Calgary. We also hosted our first Facebook Live broadcast at our kick-off event in Toronto, allowing more supporters than ever to take part in this unforgettable night to support Rethink.

8. Advocacy

Our #MBCintheDark advocacy campaign called for greater transparency and accountability in the health care system for metastatic breast cancer patients. Our petition gathered over 7000 signatures of supporters, and more than 40 advocates travelled to Queen’s Park on October 19th to bring greater visibility to the reality of unknowns that those with metastatic breast cancer currently face.

9. Give-A-Care

Give-A-Care, our line of products for women with breast cancer, continues to bridge education and support for individuals with cancer and their loved ones. The cheeky yet practical products help the patient cope, while the Care Guidelines ensure they receive proper care. A copy of these guidelines was included in each of the 165 Give-A-Care orders made this year. Want to show you Give-A-Care? Shop the line now, or donate 25$ to send a Give-A-Care package to a young person with cancer.

10. Strategy Brand of the Year

Rethink was honoured to be recognized as a Strategy Magazine Brand of the Year.



Of course, all of our work would not be possible without our incredible supporters. Help us continue this important work into 2018 and beyond! Make a gift to Rethink today.