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Rethink’s favorite ways to spend the holiday weekend

By Rethink Breast Cancer April 14 2017

1. Alison

I’m looking forward to a weekend of food and family. I love taking my little to the Easter egg hunt where I grew up and tradition runs strong. We will be creating Easter eggs the night before and here is one of my favourite ways to decorate:

2. Ali B.


I am taking advantage of the spring weather and long weekend with a trip to Boston! So I’ll be eating delicious seafood and watching the Red Sox this Easter.

3. Jen

My family is Catholic, but I’m not. So – we’re doing the regular mishmash of colouring eggs and family dinners and Easter Bunny scavenger hunts…but on Easter Sunday I am taking Zelda to The Bazaar of the Bizarre : a kid-friendly circus sideshow and marketplace for all things weird, wild and whimsical!

4. Shawna

This weekend will be all about out with the old and in with the new as we prepare to move from our home of 14 years. As you can imagine there will be a ton of purging, but there will also be a stroll down memory lane. My favorite memory so far has been finding all of the cards people gave us when our babies were born. Beautiful wishes and sentiments of welcoming them to the world. I may keep those…

5. Alex

My favourite thing to do every Easter is our annual family Easter egg hunt that everyone takes part in, even our 94 year-old grandmother. The youngest cousin in our family is now 24, so we like to get creative on egg placement like trees, eavestroughs, the sky’s the limit!

6. MJ

I’m feeling a little unorganized this Easter and I must confess that getting organized at home is part of what I want to do this long weekend. I love the feeling of clearing stuff out, putting away winter clothes and pulling out spring ones. We’ll aim to get to Mass and I’ll also spend time in a rink and I have an appointment to get a tire repaired on our car. I need some “self care” time too and have reached out to my osteopathic friend Garnet Suidy to book a healing, relaxing treatment. And, of course, the weekend will also involve chocolate and treats! My husband loves a good Egg Hunt and our friends Scott and Rod sometimes spontaneously join us. The Easter bunny is always good to us because he knows we love Nadege.

7. Maura

We’re going to St Michaels Cathedral on Saturday night for the Easter Vigil. Aidan, my son, will be singing. Also having my family over for Easter steaks on Sunday!

8. Bailey

This weekend is all about disconnecting and spending time with family. For many of us, it’s been a hectic month so far and a healthy disconnect from the digital world is exactly what I need. My Grandmother will be visiting, so I’ll spend the weekend visiting with her, making pereogies (or pedaheh in my family), and decorating Easter eggs. I imagine it will be egg-stra special!