Short Hair, Do Care: 7 Celeb-Inspired Looks

One of the hardest things to accept along with a cancer diagnosis is often the treatment side-effects. And a big one of those is hair loss.

We know that chemotherapy treatments aren’t kind to our tresses but that doesn’t make the idea of losing hair or having to grow it back post-treatment any less scary or unsettling. Where do you start? What style makes the most sense? What are your options? …Take a breath. Here are some of our favourite celeb-inspired styles that can help you throughout your short hair transition.

Who said short hair can’t be feminine and sexy? We definitely did NOT!

The ‘spunky side-sweep’

Remember Katy Perry’s side-swept undercut? A look to consider for your first ‘big chop’ or when you’re growing it back post-treatment. This short hairdo is sure to make a bold statement.

The ‘mini double bun’

Yes, you can still have a go-to up do even with shorter hair. Miley Cyrus has proved that! It might take a little longer in the morning to get those top knots just right. But if you’re looking to switch things up, this is definitely a fun look to consider.

The ‘on-the-go headscarf’

A patterned headscarf, like the one and only Alicia Keys often wears, can be your best hair ally–especially if you’re low maintenance. Once you get the hang of how you want to tie them, head scarfs are a reliable on-the-go look. You don’t have to think about what your hair (or head!) looks like under it and you can switch up patterns, colours, and styles on the regular!

Check out our how-to video for more inspo!

The ‘dainty headband’

Millie Bobby Brown is proving that less is more with this dainty hair band. Whether you’re looking to dress up a look or to add a pop of colour, some short hair accessories can give your short do the little touch you’ve been looking for.

For more inspo, check out these accessories that can get you started.

The ‘slick-it-back-and-forget-about-it’

Emma Watson styles her short do with this chic, slicked-back look. This style adds instant polish, but it’s also a great go-to if you’re not looking to spend more than five minutes on your hair. If you’re a busy mom, working woman, or just need your hair to stay in place while you’re busy running around all day this look could definitely be the one for you.

Not sure where to start? Check out this article on the kinds of products that can help you achieve this look.

The ‘be bold buzz cut’

As women when we talk about short hair we tend to keep it limited to the cute little bobs or shoulder length dos… because those are the styles that are feminine, right? Well women like Lupita Nyong’o are proving that even the shortest hair dos are also beautiful! If you’re looking for a chic look that’s crushing all the gender norms, this could be your new do.

The ‘textured cut’

If you’re looking for a shake-and-go look, this simple layered cut inspired by Cara Delevingne might be right for you. Add some colour or a set of statement earrings for an even bolder look.

Looking to up your beauty game during chemo? Click here!

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