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4 Signs You Might Be Depressed

By Rethink Breast Cancer January 27 2017

Yesterday was #BellLetsTalk Day – a campaign which encourages people to put mental health front and centre, and talk about mental health issues in order to break the stigma and silence of people who are suffering. The concept of mental health is broad and having some anxiety or stress, doesn’t always translate into full blown mental illness. However, it is important to note when things escalate to an actual problem that requires help.

Here is an article Chatelaine published in the wake of Robin William’s suicide in 2014: 4 Signs You Are Depressed and How You Can Over Come It.

The take home here is to tune in with yourself and your behaviour, and don’t overlook the things that might seem normally habitual, but are causing disruption to your life.

Finally, if you or  someone you love are in crisis click HERE to find a distress centre near you or reach out to