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What to Wear for Boobyball Get Physical!

By Rethink Breast Cancer October 6 2017

It’s that time of year… that’s right Boobyball 2017 is right around the corner! A night for us to come together and dance the night away, all in the name of breast cancer awareness and empowerment for young women affected by the disease.

If you didn’t already know, this year’s theme is 80s- and 90s-inspired: Get Physical! But in order to get physical on the dance floor, you’ve got to have the right attire. If your mom gave away her nice set of leg warmers from back in the day, no worries. Boobyball sponsor, Topshop, can get you looking and feeling the part.

So, here’s some inspo for what to wear to Boobyball:

1. Trendy Bodysuits

The tank top that never rides up.

Find your size here: Left imageCenter imageRight image


2. Super Soft Crewnecks

Because everyone just needs a good crewneck.

Find your size here!


3. Old-School Gym Shorts

Because nothing says “Get Physical” like a pair of old school gym shorts.

Find your size here!


4. Stylin’ Ankle Socks

The perfect 80s touch to any outfit.

Buy your fav one (or both!) here: Left imageRight image


5. High-waisted Leggings

Restriction-free. Yes, perfect for the dance floor.

Find your size here: Left imageRight image


6. Cute Crop Tops

Because, believe it or not, crop tops aren’t a recent trend (sooo 80s).

Find your size here: Left imageRight image


Don’t forget: once you’ve found your outfit, make sure to purchase your tickets to the Boobyball nearest you!

For more ideas on how to channel your inner 80s teen this Boobyball, visit our Pinterest board.