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How #WeCanICan Map Our Impact This World Cancer Day

By Rethink Breast Cancer February 4 2018

It’s World Cancer Day (WCD) – an annual event meant to inspire and motivate people around the world in the fight against cancer. This is the last year of the #WeCanICan theme. And to make it memorable, World Cancer Day has created a Map of Impact to highlight the events, campaigns, and projects happening by people all over the world today.

The point: big or small, we all have the ability to do something to take action against cancer – so why not share it with the world?

But what does this mean for us Rethink-ers? In what ways can we (as the Rethink community and/or those going through cancer) map our impact today so that it lives on even after 11:59pm tonight?

We’re glad you asked!

1. WE CAN…

Believe it or not, one way to make an impact is to educate yourself on breast cancer and breast health. When we are more knowledgeable about breast cancer, WE CAN help bust the breast cancer myths out there and WE CAN be better caregivers/support systems for those we know coping this disease.


Do you know a teen or young person into chatbots? We’ve got you covered! Have them interact with the 8008135 chatbot to find out what the real facts are when it comes to breast cancer awareness and education.

2. WE CAN…

Rethink is advocating for young women with breast cancer year-round. Whether it’s our socially-shareable campaigns, our annual events, or access to new medicines – we are putting young women’s needs first and making sure their voices are heard. And YOU CAN join us!


Join our campaigns and take action at

3. WE CAN…

Rethink is working hard to advocate for better access to cancer care and decreased wait times for medications – especially for MBC (metastatic breast cancer). And until things change, a great way WE CAN tell someone with cancer that we’re there for them is to show them that we’re there for them. By sending a Give-A-Care package to someone you know with cancer, YOU CAN show your support even when you don’t have the words to say. It’s the first line of products for young women with breast cancer that actually understands young women with breast cancer.


Build a personalized care package for a young woman you know that acknowledges what she’s really going through, and gives her the care she really needs.

4. I CAN…

As a young women diagnosed with breast cancer, you have a wide range of unique needs that aren’t always addressed. And sometimes it’s frustrating that this diagnosis was something that you couldn’t control. But, at Rethink, we believe that YOU CAN take control of your situation. Whether it’s understanding your diagnosis or the issues surrounding fertility, learning how to get through treatment or life after treatment, you don’t have to be in the dark.


Look through our Care Guidelines to find out what kinds of questions you should be asking your doctor at your next appointment and what resources are available to you.

5. I CAN…

By sharing your story, YOU CAN: build connections with other women going through similar experiences, help those who have been newly diagnosed, and inform Rethink’s work and advocacy. Your voice and your story is powerful, don’t stay silent.


Share your story on one of our monthly #YWBC (Young Women with Breast Cancer) profiles.

6. I CAN…

YOU CAN ask for support. It isn’t a sign of weakness. And sometimes the reality is that your family or loved-ones don’t always understand exactly what you’re going through. That’s why you need a community of young women to turn to when you need someone who just knows.


Join the Rethink Young Women’s Network (RYWN) to find community of young women who are navigating their own breast cancer diagnoses and understand what you’re going through.