4 Natural Skincare Picks For Brighter (Post-Treatment) Skin

The natural beauty landscape is bigger and better than ever, it’s also more complicated with new brands cropping up faster than you can say clean beauty. So, we went straight to one of our favourite beauty collaborators for her best skin picks. And if there’s one thing Sheri Stroh is known for, it’s how to give good glow using natural beauty products. She’s also a young woman who underwent treatment for breast cancer. Whether it’s on her clients as a makeup artist or on her own skin, here are her fave natural skincare products for giving skin a boost.

When I went through (chemo) treatment, I definitely had dullness, which was very strange to me as I usually don’t deal with that. I was very kind to my skin and moisturized like crazy (and exfoliated) and all was well. I was lucky and have pretty thick and resilient skin, but those with sensitive skin will have to take it easy to see what works for them.

I like using more natural or cleaner beauty skincare because it usually involves supporting small, indie businesses that really put their heart and soul into their products (and a lot of brands are run by some really kick-ass women!). They care about what goes into their lines and where the ingredients come from and how they are grown and harvested (and by who) and really try to take the planet into consideration with regards to formulating and packaging. Because of these formulas and their practices I am much more gentle with my skin now and it’s so much better for it.

Here are my picks:

1. CV Skinlabs 

CV Skinlabs is a natural, organic collection of clinically proven formulas for eczema, dermatitis and sensitive skin.

Sheri Says:

“A favourite line of mine for every day and when going through cancer treatment. There are only four wonderful products that were developed to treat sensitive and reactive skin and skin going through chemo specifically. They work wonders on irritated and sensitive skin conditions while being very gentle and healing.

Try: Calming Moisture, Restorative Skin Balm, Rescue Relief Spray and Body Repair Lotion. Clemintinefields.ca  

2. Zyderma 

Zyderma Anti Microbial Clarifying Cream is a skincare treatment that offers antimicrobial protection to preserve the skin’s microflora (a protective layer of microorganisms that are essential to maintaining healthy skin).

Sheri Says:

I use this all of the time and wish I had it during my time in treatment. The cream contains MicroSilver, which is a unique and innovative ingredient that has many applications within the medical community. This is a wonderful product that helps to improve compromised skin. Zyderma.com  

3. Fitglow Beauty

Fitglow Beauty is a plant-based, organic and cruelty-free line of products that aim to transform skin with evidence-based formulas.

Sheri Says:

Perfect for the moisture-starved and irritated skin. The Redness Rescue Cream is a slightly green-tinted lotion that evens out and calms redness with beneficial and clinically proven ingredients. Try: Cloud Comfort Cream, Redness Rescue Cream, Boost Serum. fitglow.ca  

4. Province Apothecary 

Province Apothecary was born in a Canadian kitchen and has since expanded to a full line of organic skincare and beyond. Their new Daily Glow Dry Facial Brush stimulates and detoxifies skin for a renewed complexion.

Sheri Says:

A lot of companies don’t address the lymphatic system and most cancer patients can tell you how important it is, especially when you have had lymph nodes removed. This is awesome for moving stagnant lymph fluid around and draining it from your face and neck to promote skin wellness. provinceapothecary.ca

Sheri Stroh is a Toronto-based celebrity and editorial makeup artist and natural beauty buff. Her specialty? Glowing skin, naturally. Follow her work @sheristroh on Instagram.

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