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Precision Medicine + Metastatic Breast Cancer  
On Breast Screening (2024)
The updated draft recommendations are out and Rethink is reflecting on them. Rethink has always had a quite nuanced message about breast screening, and championed risk stratification and amplified health equity considerations as the opportunity to improve positive outcomes from screening programs.
London, Loss, Milestones, Mothering and Why?
Advocating on World Cancer Day 2024
Reflecting on 2023

Celebrating My Body From Cancer to Motherhood

The Baby Formula Grant
This grant is designed to support the feeding experience of those who are unable to breastfeed due to breast cancer or risk of breast cancer in Canada.
When Cancer Triggers Trauma  
Rethinking Palliative Care
This resource debunks misconceptions and clarifies confusion about palliative care.
How do Cancer Drugs get to Market?  
Mommy’s Boobs are Different — A Wildfire Story