Cancer Fabulous Diaries: The Biopsy


Date: March 23

I’m Feeling: Physically TRAUMATIZED

I haven’t told many people about my mysterious lump.

My friend Delasi drops me off at the breast clinic. as I sit in the waiting room, I notice I’m the youngest person here. The next youngest person must be at least 40. When it’s my turn to see the doctor, she examines my breasts and feels the lump. I’m a little relieved when she says it’s probably just a knot, common among asian women.

The next 20 minutes result in an ultrasound. A warm gel is applied onto my left breast, as a contraption glides over my breast to reveal a picture on the screen. The lump measures over 2 cm. I make a mental note that it has grown from the time I found it last July and from the time I went for a check-up earlier this year.

The sonographer doesn’t sound as optimistic as the doctor. She suggests that I do a biopsy because she’s not sure what to make of the lump. I consent to having the biopsy done right then and there.

I’m so nervous.

I sign a form and then return to the ultrasound room. I hate needles. The sonographer uses a local anesthetic to freeze my left breast and it numbs instantly. She then informs me of the loud clapping sound that I will hear each time a sample is taken. My left breast is sterilized, and then I hear the awful clapping sound as the hollow needle sucks a sample from the lump. It stings and I clench my hands together into a tight fist. The assistant assures me it’s going to be ok. All I can do is pray that it’ll be over quickly. The second clap seems louder than the first and I wince at the sudden sting. Finally, the last one goes off and I wince again as I feel another sharp sting. I let my breath go and the nurse cleans me off, puts some dressing on the small wound and sends me off with an ice pack.

I hope it’s nothing because I can’t handle anything more than this. – Sylvia Soo

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