FACE FORWARD: How to brighten a complexion when going through cancer treatment

Chemotherapy and radiation can play havoc with your skin. When I was going through treatment I thought: How can I bring some life back into my face? So I’m going to show you how you can brighten up your complexion with these easy steps!

Here’s what you need (Try to use natural beauty products whenever possible):

*Gentle cleanser

*Moisturizing face oil

*SPF for face

*Eye cream

*Tinted moisturizer



*Blush (powder and/or cream — creams are great for dry, dull skin and easy to use)

*Highlight powder or cream (essential for a glow!)

*Face powder (not essential, but some women don’t like to glow too much, so maybe for a light dusting)

*Tinted lip balm

Follow these simple steps:

Step 1- Gently cleanse face

Step 2- Hydrate with a moisturizing face oil

Step 3- Use a paraben-free SPF for face

Step 4- Hydrate eyes with a rich eye cream

Step 5- Use a tinted moisturizer

Step 6- Camouflage dark, tired eyes with concealer

Step 7- Fake a healthy flush with bronzer

Step 8- Use a cream blush – great for dry skin

Step 9- Wake up your look with a shimmering highlighter

Step 10- Use a translucent face powder to set the look (if you need to) or just leave it dewy

Step 11- Give lips a natural hint of colour with moisturizing balm

Click here for more tips from Sheri.

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