Fertility + Tech: 6 Brands That Are Changing The Game

There’s an app for that?!

Today we’re talking DIY fertility tracking. But before we introduce you to some of the latest in fertility tracking technology, it’s important to note that we recognize fertility and pregnancy may or may not be in your plans, for various reasons (whether you’ve had control over them or not). That being said, if they are, we’re bringing you new tech tools that may be of interest. Whether you’re on board with the idea of digital takeover or not, there’s one thing about this kind of technology that most of us can probably agree on – it’s giving people the opportunity to take certain aspects of their health into their own hands. And this is something Rethink has been a huge fan of, well, since we started. Here are the new technologies that are aiming to change the game on fertility and tech.

1. Mira

Unlike other technologies in its field, Mira uses a variety of factors to track your fertility. Using artificial intelligence and a urine sample, Mira analyzes your hormone levels and menstrual patterns. Not only is Mira convenient and easy to use, it also gives you accurate, personalized data. And if it didn’t already sound amazing – the Mira device also connects to the Mira app via Bluetooth and updates automatically whenever a sample is taken.

To find out more about Mira, prices, and how to reserve yours today, visit: www.miracare.com  

2. Wink by Kindara

Kindara is one of the top trusted fertility apps on the market today. And in 2016, they launched Wink – the first ever Bluetooth-connected, oral fertility thermometer. By combining information about your temperature, cervical fluid, menstruation, and sexual activity all into one app, Kindara and Wink can tell you when you’re ovulating and help you track/meet your fertility goals.

Wink is not available in Canada just yet, but to our neighbours across the border, this device might be right for you! Visit www.kindara.com today to find out.  

3. Glow

Unlike some of the other devices we’ve been talking about, Glow is just an app. This means that the more data you input about your monthly cycle, the more accurate Glow will be in predicting your monthly fertility levels. By tracking a variety of things (like your period, sleep patterns, exercise patterns, mood, and more!) Glow also doubles as a great wellness tracker too. And it never hurts to practice self-awareness.

If you’re looking to try out fertility tracking without making the commitment to buy a device like Wink, Glow could be right for you. Visit www.glowing.com to find out more about downloading this free app!  

4. Ava

Probably the easiest way to track your fertility, Ava is only used when you sleep! That’s right, you sleep and Ava does the work for you. By using Ava’s sensor bracelet at night you will keep track of your resting pulse rate, breathing rate, and body temperature. What does all of this do? Well, by measuring these things Ava can tell you 5 days in advance, when you will ovulate. This way Ava gives you even more time to conceive than other temperature-only fertility trackers.

To find out more about who is using Ava, how it works, reviews, and more visit www.avawomen.com.  

5. Dot

Dot only needs your period start and end dates to begin working its magic! By cutting through a lot of the clutter on other period and fertility tracker apps, Dot gets right down to what you really want to know: whether your chances of getting pregnant that day are “high” or “low.”

If you’re about keeping things simple, convenient, and cost-effective Dot could be right for you. Visit www.dottheapp.com for more information.


Similar to Ava, YONO is a fertility tacker worn at night. Using the YONO earbud, your body temperature data is collected overnight. From there, the YONO app uses the information automatically transferred from the earbud (along with machine learning algorithms!) to track and chart your fertility on a monthly basis.

YONO is fertility made easy. To find out more about this unique technology, visit www.yonolabs.com!

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