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Indira Uncovered: A Breast Recognition Project

Name: Indira
Age When Diagnosed: 34
Breast Cancer Type: DCIS
I Am A: Sister, Warrior, Goddess

I was diagnosed in 2018 and completed treatment (chemo and radiation) in the summer of 2019. Since then I’ve had reconstruction surgery to put in an implant that later had to be removed because it failed. I’m currently awaiting my next reconstruction, which will be DIEP reconstruction. 

Before being diagnosed, I loved my breasts and enjoyed my showing cleavage from time to time. I wore whatever I wanted without having to worry about how my chest looked. Now, I miss feeling attractive and also having the energy I used to as I’m still battling fatigue. I also have the feeling that I can no longer trust my breasts.

My advice to other Black women who have just been diagnosed? Try to find other Black women in the community to connect with as they may have specific experiences that can better help and inform you. And always always advocate for yourself! Our concerns are not at the forefront and often have to be brought to people’s attention. This could be simple as products (cosmetics/lymphedema sleeves) that are not geared towards us or the lack of images that look like us. 

I didn’t see myself when going through my breast cancer experience, and I don’t want other Black women to have that type of isolating experience. This project is a great initiative and I hope to see more like it.

Uncovered: A Breast Recognition Project is a new resource that focuses on the breast cancer experience of Black women, through powerful imagery and real women’s stories that shine a light on the physical and emotional scars of breast cancer. Uncovered was created in collaboration with Michelle Audoin and developed in response to the significant underrepresentation of, and lack of support for, Black women and women of colour in the breast cancer community. Our hope is to educate all people, including healthcare providers, on the unique needs of Black women with breast cancer, so they are better equipped to support all the women they care for. Learn more about the resource here.

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