Meet The Newest Crop Of Sex Enhancers

Let’s talk about sex (enhancers), baby!

Well, actually… if you’re a young person with cancer you might find this topic a little scary. We understand that revisiting sex or any level of physical intimacy after undergoing treatments that have left your body forever changed can be, well, less than thrilling. But, we do believe that you should be able to make that step if you want to.

We’ve rounded up a new kind of visually appealing sexual aids (no cringe-worthiness here!)  that can help you in your transition back to the sack post cancer.


If you’re tired of the gendered, flashy appearance of most sexual aids, Maude might be right for you. Maude’s unique take is simplified, inclusive packaging and natural ingredients that help make sex better for everyone. Choose from a selection of condoms, lubricant, and more to build your personalized kit.

To find out more, visit Maude’s website.  


Made by women and for women, Dame brings a fresh take on sexual aids and intimacy putting women’s needs at the forefront. Featured in publications like Glamour, Cosmopolitan, and Elite Daily, Dame offers a line of hands-free aids that can help make sex more enjoyable for all parties involved.

For more information, visit Dame’s website.  


Award-winning brand Lelo offers luxury products that are innovative in its field. Whether condoms, massagers, or other sexual aids, Lelo uses advanced technologies to change the sex game by providing safer and more enjoyable intimate experiences for their clients.

To see if Lelo is right for you, visit their website.   


Unlike other brands, S+He Intimate Fitness places intimate skin care first. CEO Nina Helms knows that without proper intimate skin care, individuals cannot have the confidence or comfort needed for the sexual experiences they desire. Many women experience pain in intimate areas due to labor and delivery, incorrect hygiene, intimacy friction, and even hormone shifts. Therefore, these products go beyond traditional products to help moisturize and restore the skin’s natural balance.

To find out more about the S+He Intimate Fitness system, visit their website.  


JimmyJane’s emphasizes the fact that sex is different for all people. Rather than telling you what’s sexy, their broad range of products are designed to leave room for interpretation. Whether it’s lubricants, condoms, massagers, or more JimmyJane has it all.

Check out their best-sellers to see if JimmyJane might be right for you.

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