Top 5 Websites to Organize Caregivers

Going through cancer treatment can be hard enough without having to worry about the small details of everyday life. Friends and family often want to volunteer their time to help you out in any way they can, so when life is stacking up against you, it’s good to know that your friends are there to support you.

We’ve have rounded up the 5 best online resources for organizing your life in this difficult time through meal trains, child care, emotional support and more.

1. Meal Train

Meal train provides a fast and effective way to organize calendars, food allergies, availability and drop off instructions. With the click of a button, family members and friends can be added to your private group over social channels, email and newsletters.  

2. Caring Bridge

Staying connected through this difficult time in your life can be challenging, but Caring Bridge makes stress worry a thing of the past when it comes to organising your life. Share news and updates with friends and family in a public space or through direct message, organise help with meals and child-care and receive emotional support from your community.  

3. My Lifeline

My Lifeline is a nonprofit organisation that is dedicated to providing free websites to cancer patients and caregivers. By providing patients with the tools and resources to build an online support community, day-to-day assistance can be arranged for everyday tasks that can often be taken for granted but are often too much to handle with you are going through treatment.

4. Take Them a Meal

Take Them a Meal is an easy way to coordinate meals for a friend or family member going through cancer treatment and/or recovery. The website includes a large range of recipes that are easily transported, resources for supporting someone who is grieving loss, ideas on practical gifts and much more.

5. Care Calendar

Care Calendar is a free website that takes away some of the stress of organizing daily tasks like cooking, child-care and any other support a family may need during an illness or death. Volunteers just sign up and receive notifications, get maps and driving directions, and stay up to date on the progress of the friend who is going through treatment or recovery.

For more on being a caregiver to someone with cancer click HERE.

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