Pink and Breast Cancer

What Does Pink Mean To You?

We are over halfway through October and by now it might seem like a sea of pink has swallowed your social media feeds whole. With vague #breastcancerawarenessmonth messaging being used to hawk pink products every which way you look, the Pinkwashing of Pinktober is certainly in full force.

However, with all the attention that October attracts, this means that women with breast cancer are given a platform to talk about their experiences with a broader audience. And, for some, the colour pink can make it easier to identify and connect with other women in the breast cancer community. After all, pink has been connected to breast cancer for nearly 30 years.

So here we are today, standing in a space divided. While some people associate the colour pink as an indicator of strength or connection, wearing it with pride like a badge of honour, others want nothing to do with it, recoiling from the colour and calling for new ways to bring change to the cause. To further explore the feelings of our Rethink community, we asked our Instagram fam to tell us what the colour pink means to them and here’s what they had to say:

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