3 Apps to Help with Side Effects

Everyone has a smart phone these days and most of us wouldn’t dream leaving the house without it. There are now millions of apps that can do almost anything imaginable from telling you the weather to keeping track of your cycle. It makes sense that there would also be cancer apps to create a cancer community, track cancer treatments and help minimize side effects. Here’s three of our favourites.

Breast Cancer Healthline

Breast Cancer Healthline is a free app for people living with breast cancer that makes it easy to connect with other survivors. Every day, the app connects you with a new match from the BC Healthline community based on breast cancer stage, treatment and lifestyle interests. Members are also able to browse profiles and can request to match with any member from the community.

If you are more comfortable chatting through a group chat or need to crowd source a question, there are groups dedicated to discussions on topics like treatment and side effects; cancer and career; and relationships. BC Healthline provides their members with medically reviewed lifestyle and news content directly through the app so you can stay up to date on reliable breast cancer news, research, and personal stories.

Think Tinder but for breast cancer friends. Instead of swiping right for romantic disappointment, you’re connecting with someone who really gets it. Everyone wants to feel understood, especially when navigating the new challenges a cancer diagnosis throws at you. Having a community of people just an app away can be very comforting during what can be a lonely and confusing time.

Rethink will receive $3 for every Breast Cancer Healthline App download through this post. Click here to download.

Health Storylines

Health Storylines is a free digital app designed to help you easily keep track of your breast cancer health over time. The tool acts as a journal where you can record your emotions, mood, medications, symptoms, diet, and exercise. Whether you are newly-diagnosed or currently undergoing treatment, there are many self-care tools within the app that will support you along your breast cancer journey. You can also share your Health Storyline profile with your loved ones or your doctor so they can stay up to date on how you’re doing. Think of it as an all in one health diary. If you’re like me and need a reminder to take one of your many medications, or want a place to record that weird symptom so you don’t forget to mention it at your next chemo appointment then this app is for you!


Untire is an innovative app that offers an easy to use self management program to help patients cope with cancer related fatigue.  The app helps users get insight into their behavior, thoughts and symptoms which allows them to manage their energy levels, adjust their behaviors, recognize thought patterns and ultimately take back control. This is major for someone dealing with cancer related fatigue, giving them the agency they lost after their diagnosis.

The app provides a step-by-step program that consists of four main elements: stress-reduction exercises, physical activities, educational topics and daily tips. Each week, users can track their energy levels to view their progress. Untire encourages users to work at their own pace,  making it accessible for all cancer patients and survivors, regardless of cancer diagnosis, phase, treatment or age.

This app is chock full of amazing features, but to be honest, the amount of information to read and exercises to complete might seem overwhelming for someone dealing with fatigue. This app is best suited for someone who is able to commit to making changes in their daily life and has the time to do so. Also, it’s good to know that unlike the other two, Untire is offered through a paid subscription.

A cancer diagnosis is overwhelming. I know, I’ve been there. Not only does your world change in an instance, you now exist in a place where the people around you can’t relate.  Hopefully tools like these make it just a little easier to feel supported and manage your new normal.

Are a young women with breast cancer looking for support and connection? You’re not alone. Rethink Young Women’s Network (RYWN) is a group comprised of young women across the country that have personal experience with breast cancer. Contact support@rethinkbreastcancer.com for more information.

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