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At Rethink we’re lucky to get to work with some amazing funders and donors to create the important work we do for those with breast cancer. Read on to see how we make the magic happen!

Rethink’s Financial Statements

Rethink’s 2015  financial statements.


Rethink’s 2016 financial statements


Rethink’s 2017 financial statements


Rethink’s 2018 financial statements


Rethink’s 2019 financial statements


Where does the money come from?

In the 12 months to March 2019 we had two main sources of funds. Our biggest source was from corporate partners through sponsorship, cause marketing campaigns and unrestricted education grants. The second source of funds came from Rethink’s Boobyball events and our signature fundraising campaigns. Other sources of revenue included third-party events hosted by supporters, communities and organizations and corporate donations. Rethink’s average cost of fundraising is in line with the Canadian Revenue Agency proposed guidelines.

Where does the money go?

Rethink Breast Cancer is committed to ensuring funds contributed are spent in a prudent and responsible manner and are going toward much needed resources, education, and advocacy initiatives. To this end Rethink uses the Good Works Index as a guide to this process. The Good Works Index is one of the most common ways of evaluating the work of non-profit organizations and an Index of at least 60% should be achieved according to charity watchdogs. We are pleased to report Rethinks Good Works Index is a cumulative 67%.

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