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We are pleased to announce the creation of a new initiative: Rethink Breast Cancer’s MBC Fund. The fund in a new initiative to fund support and research in metastatic breast cancer.

Why we need an MBC specific Fund

Metastatic breast cancer is when the cancer has spread from the breast and has been found in other parts of the body, like the bones, lungs, liver or brain.  Metastasis can occur right away or many years after the initial diagnosis.  There is currently no cure and clinical outcomes for MBC have been stalled for over a decade.  In fact, 5,000 women in Canada die from MBC every year.

These women have unique needs and concerns that too often aren’t represented, understood or acknowledged.  Rethink’s MBC Fund will address the gaps and specific needs of women with MBC thought support and research programs.  The Fund will be generated through contributions from individual and corporate donors and fundraising activities.

How we will allocate funds

Recommendation for allocation of funds for projects related to supporting women with MBC will be made to the Rethink Breast Cancer Board by Rethink staff and our Metastatic Breast Cancer Advisory Board, which is comprised of young women living with breast cancer and caregivers. Projects to date include education programs such as the Live Laugh Learn video series, MBC support resources such as Talking to Kids About Metastatic Breast Cancer and advocacy programs to drive system improvement. 

Rethink is currently exploring opportunities to fund pioneering research in metastatic breast cancer that have the potential to advance care and improve outcomes for people living with metastatic breast cancer.  The program and review criteria will be established in consultation with both our Scientific Advisory Board , comprised of some of the leading clinician scientists in Canada, as well as our Metastatic Breast Cancer Advisory Board . The awards will be selected through a competitive application process overseen by an independent review panel of experts, including representation from the metastatic patient community. The Rethink Breast Cancer Board of Directors will consider the recommendations (coming out of the peer review process) and will determine the number of awards to be funded based on merit and Rethink’s annual budget.


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