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It all starts with healing.

Support and healing is at the centre of everything we do at Rethink. It comes first, and so it’s our first priority. It’s what helps people with breast cancer feel empowered as they move through their diagnosis, it’s how we get to the point of being able to advocate, and it’s how we build community and rethink breast cancer together.
We can’t truly rethink breast cancer without it.
We know it can be hard to access psychosocial support and it’s an aspect of cancer care that is increasing in need, so our goal is to address the demand and create offerings that are accessible to the community, from virtual gatherings to in-person events, at no or low financial cost for those in the breast cancer community.
Healing is not linear. It’s more like an ongoing rollercoaster. Our support program is ever-evolving to flow with that reality. We are here for you, and below are just a few of the ways we’ve tailored support programs for people with breast cancer.

Our Support Programs

The Rethink Network

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Virtual Support Groups

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Stretch Heal Grow

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Mentoring Matters

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The Healing Collective

Your trusted support guides.

To meet the increasing demand for accessible psychosocial support, four professionally-trained and trusted social workers and psychotherapists have joined the Rethink team as our founding members of the Healing Collective. Together, they have over 80 years of experience combined in specialized therapy areas with goals and passions to help support YOU.

They provide access to psychoeducation and inform topics through our Virtual Support Groups, build out content and resources for our website and ultimately cultivate a safe space to learn, connect, share and heal — together.

They are passionate about rethinking breast cancer. They understand the needs of those in the breast cancer community and how to address them in a trauma-informed way for those who are feeling isolated or scared, experiencing relationship challenges, navigating depression and anxiety or those who just need to connect with others who understand what they are feeling.

Meet the members of the Healing Collective here.

50 Carroll Street Toronto, Ontario Canada M4M 3G3
Phone: 416 220 0700
Registered Charity #: 892176116RR0001

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