9 Tips for Creating an Inspiring Home Office

Photo by: Gavin Whitner

Working from home sounds like the dream, but when your work space gets mixed up with your relaxation or family space, the day-to-day can start to feel very overwhelming. Creating an intentional space that is dedicated to your work can lead to a major boost in positivity and productivity, while also making an important separation between work and the rest of your life.

We’ve paired 9 tricks with inspiring examples of home offices to spark some creativity in your own space.

1. Create an inspiring space

nalie agustin

Nalie Agustin, a blogger, Youtuber, cancer THRIVER and empowering member of the Rethink community, weighed in on what she loves about her nook.

“I strongly believe your work environment has a direct affect on your productivity and creativity. My nook is filled with inspiring quotes and words that remind me of my mission (THRIVER – RESILIENT – BE KIND TO YOURSELF – HOPE – THE SIMPLE THINGS – LIVE NOW) . I also have pictures of particularly proud moments – all to remind me of who I am, what I am capable of and what I live for. For example, in my round frame, you’ll find pictures of my TED talk and my travels to Thailand (best trip ever). Whenever I feel down or lack creativity, I simply lift my head up and these memories make me happy. On my shelf, you’ll also find a frame with a picture of my brothers and I huddled on my 25th Birthday. I was bald and their heads were shaved in solidarity. There’s something about this picture that gets me all emotional, which is perfect to get the creative juice flowing.”

PS: You can get Nalie’s painting collection in collaboration with WCMTL at www.nalie.ca/shop 


2. Keep it cozy

Cozy Office Spaces

One of the greatest perks of a home office is just that, you have the opportunity to work out of the comfort of your own home. Make sure that you make the most of the opportunity by keeping it cozy- think warm blankets, comfy carpets, (faux)-fur throws, etc.


3. Dream about your decor

Office decor

Maybe Rethink-pink isn’t your thing, but take some time to consider what is your thing and build your space with that in mind. Intentionally curating an office with colours, textures and art which inspires you will make you feel more inclined (and excited!) to make the most of the space and the time you spend in it.


4. Give yourself some greenery 

home office decor

Bringing plant-babies into your work space will bring energy and life to your home office. Adding a pop of green will not only give your space some “hygge”, but they can also clarify your air.


5. Let the light in 

home office decor

Getting out of bed and beginning your work day in dim, fluorescent light can make getting started challenging. Natural light will keep you feeling alert, positive and motivated throughout the day.


6. White walls win

home office decor

We don’t always have the luxury of a big, bright open space with a lot of natural light. If that is the case, keep your walls light to open up the room. This space used to be a small, cluttered closet- witness the magic of white walls and cleared desktops!

@amybartlam + @lindsaybrookedesign

7. Cut the clutter

home office decor

We all know the feeling: papers pile up, this and that overwhelms your line of sight… it can really stifle motivation. Treat yourself to a clean desktop, you will be amazed by the wonders decluttering will do for your productivity (and sanity!).


8. Stack up on storage 

home office decor

It can’t always be as simple as completely clearing your desktop, sometimes there are things that need to be within arms reach. If this is the case, consider what kind of storage would be most effective for you. Keeping your stuff organized can play a big role in minimizing stress and maximizing efficiency.


9. Treat your tush 

home office decor

While working from home, you are competing with the temptation of posting up on the couch in front of the television or crawling back into bed. Ensure that you have a comfortable chair, not only will this make your office as inviting as the rest of the home,  but it will also encourage better posture and help avoid distractions elsewhere.


Facing challenges working from home? Here are 5 tips to make it a little easier for you.

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