Rethinking Palliative Care

Do the words “palliative care” bring up some uncomfortable feelings for you? Maybe some questions or worries? The desire to duck and run? We don’t blame you. In fact, we totally hear you.

The way palliative care has been discussed over the past several decades has caused a lot of misconceptions and confusion. Too many people think it’s only end-of-life care. But a lot of what we commonly know about it simply isn’t true.

That’s why we’ve been spending time rethinking palliative care, creating content and resources that debunk false perceptions about palliative care and help straighten out its reputation.

Watch the video below for an introduction to what palliative care really is and how it could actually be supportive for you as someone diagnosed with cancer at any stage. Let us reintroduce you to palliative care.

How do you feel now? Want to get to know palliative care a bit better? Click here to read our conversation with Dr. Jonathan Ailon, a physician at St Michael’s Hospital in Toronto who has a specialty in palliative medicine and aims to decode and debunk misconceptions about palliative care.

Special shout out to Jen Pogue, Rethink Key Collaborator and MBC Advocate, for voicing this video. <3 

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