Rethinker Profile: Divas Run

Name: GWN Events, producer of the Divas® Half Marathon & 5K on Toronto Island

City: Toronto, ON

GWN Events’ Divas® Half Marathon & 5K on Toronto Island is raising funds for Rethink on Sunday June 11! Great prizing for top fundraisers were just announced – join in the fun by registering and use the code RETHINK for $5 off!

What do you do when you are not changing the world with philanthropic gestures?

We work to create meaningful experiences and lasting memories in all that we do. Whether it’s dragon boating or our numerous new endeavours, such as the Divas® Half Marathon & 5K in support of Rethink, we are endlessly working to be the best we can be. As a small team that operates like a family, we work together to make one another better. Ultimately, we want to fuel a better environment not only inside but outside the office as well.

What is the most important thing to know when it comes to donating to a cause?

Oftentimes donating to a cause stems from something hitting close to home that we can relate to. We truly think the most important thing when donating to a cause is to know what they stand for and making sure their core values align with their overarching objectives, wherein they are touching lives and making a true difference. As an authentic company motivated to serve, make a difference and create an experience through everything we do – we look for a cause that aims to do the same.

How do you find a cause you are passionate about?

Finding  a cause we are passionate about comes from a personal connection or close ties to the cause at-hand. For us, a meaningful, human connection often times sparks this ‘passion’. Additionally, knowing our target audience and finding a cause that makes sense for them is also imperative when partnering with charity (e.g. Divas and Rethink).

What is innovative about the Rethink approach?

Rethink brings bold, relevant awareness to the cause. We love what they stand for and how they infuse sass and style into everything they do, much like a Diva! They are aware of young, busy women requiring something outside the traditional discourse and respond to the unique needs of young women going through it. We are fascinated and love what they stand for: from their innovative approach, to their daring and relevant messages, to their eye-catching Instagram!

What inspires you daily?

Knowing there is always room for improvement in this world inspires us. A driving force of inspiration is truly creating change and opportunities that open doors and cultivate a better life for others.

Why should people support a cause they are passionate about?

Supporting a cause doesn’t always mean donating money. People should know their time and energy make a difference. At GWN, we truly believe in paying it forward. We encourage everyone to find a cause they are passionate about and get involved in any way you can! You’ll never regret giving back and being apart of something bigger than yourself.

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