5 Beauty Tips During Chemo

Beauty Tips Chemo

While beauty may be the last thing on your priority list during chemo, for some women, makeup is a helpful tool for feeling a little more confident during treatment. We asked our community about the beauty items that helped them during chemo. Whether it was finding a go-to makeup routine or a product that worked wonders, we asked some women in the RYWN for their best beauty tips for undergoing chemo.

Fill In Your Brows

The trauma of losing your hair comes up a lot in the what-to-expect-from-chemo convos for good reason: it plays a huge part in shaping your identity and what you visually present to the world. When you lose your brows, it can feel as though the face looking back at you in the mirror is no longer your own. While you’re waiting for regrowth to happen, using brow products like pomade, powders, pencils and stencils can help. Sarah L. says she used a Mac eyebrow pencil and eyeliner to draw on eyebrows, “I found it looked really natural and made me feel like a human.”

In terms of pre-planning, Krystie G. said, “I got my brows tattooed before chemo and it was a life saver.”

Try A Bold Lipstick

Coco Chanel once said, “If you’re sad, add more lipstick and attack.” Yes, this probably errs on the dramatic side but there’s something to be said for reaching for a bright lipstick to brighten up your face (and outlook) for the day. Sometimes a swipe of bold colour is all you need to feel a bit more put together. Emma P. agrees, “I lost all colour in my face so I went and bought a bunch of bright lipsticks which made me feel way better.”

Slather On The Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil isn’t just a healthy kitchen staple, it’s also a great multipurpose moisturizer. It can be applied head-to-toe and works wonders on dry, patchy skin. Choose an organic 100% coconut oil for best results and remember, a little goes a long way. Cindy F. says, “I would put a very tiny bit of coconut oil on my bald noggin to keep it from drying out every other day. It worked awesome.”

A Little Eyeliner Goes A Long Way

When lashes fall out, you might notice a few things. There is no longer a barrier to protect your sensitive eye area and you might feel like you look under the weather. Enter eyeliner. When applied to the lash line, it helps define eyes like lashes would and you can even take it a step further with a cat eye, like Kelly D. recommends.

Invest In A Quality Wig

Opting for a wig is a very personal choice, and it can also be a fun way to try on a look you’ve always wanted. Bangs! Red Hair! Curls! Functionally, they can also help conceal the brow area if that’s of concern, and also wearing one doesn’t invite unsolicited advice or comments.

Lynne S. says: A wig with bangs helps disguise thin brows. Everyone told me I probably wouldn’t wear my wig much. Wrong, I wore it all the time! I invested in a good one (thanks insurance plan!) and got one very similar to my natural look.

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